"Chris cares for me in a way that is sensitive to the Spirit of God. Her gentle questions give me direction and confidence to walk into spaces of raw vulnerability. She creates a place of complete safety and love; a place I can step into with my full and honest self to meet with Jesus." - Courtney

Hi! I'm Chris. 

Here are a few things to know about me...

see life as a spiritual adventure.

Beware of trusting a spiritual companion who thinks she or he has arrived. I haven't. Along my continuing journey, I pray. I belong to a Catholic parish and receive the sacraments. I have a spiritual director. I meet regularly with a small group of other women for prayer and mutual support. I study. I struggle. I triumph. I fail. I persevere.

I trust that you and I can navigate our emotional pain and live with joy and purpose.

I used to be afraid of suffering, mine and others'. Over years I have accompanied and been accompanied by women and men who have overcome. Despite the consequences of their sin and others', loss and trauma, their stories testify to the reality of resurrection life. My parents' divorce, my mother's early death, my own bout with a serious illness – along with the various ordinary challenges of life and love, marriage and parenting – have been for me the unexpected path to discovering deep joy and purpose.


I'm prepared to serve.

In 2014 I graduated from the Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program through the Benet Hill Monastery in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I receive regular spiritual direction, and I adhere to the Guidelines for Ethical Conduct established by Spiritual Directors International.